Leiden Certified Public Manager program®

  • Indicatie startdatum 18 september 2017
  • 12 months
  • € 15.000,-
  • The Certified Public Manager® Program is for participants who are experienced and ambitious public managers with a senior position and responsibility.

Certified Public Manager® (CPM)

What is the Leiden Certified Public Manager program®? A unique European based leadership program for rising public managers, focusing on today’s and tomorrow’s complex social challenges, in cooperation with European partners, embedded in a USA-proven learning concept with 13.000+ alumni.

Why this programme?
Our world is becoming increasingly volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous. This requires public leaders that stand out, span boundaries, embrace insecurity, deliver results and know when and how to pause for reflection. The Leiden CPM-program supports public leaders to develop the mindset, knowledge and competencies to thrive in making our societies better.

For whom?
The Leiden CPM-program is for mid-career public managers, experienced in terms of seniority and responsibility. As a participant, you are not looking for just a standard Management Development course, but for inspiration and increasing your impact in a stimulating and innovative cross-national learning environment.
Leiden Certified Public Manager Program®

The CPM-program’s stand-out points


Bursting out of
your bubble

Focus on (re-)connecting with the world outside the introverted policy bubble.
You make a habit of bridging the gap with street level: real people, real problems,
real connections, real solutions.

Navigating politicized seas

Grow in your role as a public leader who steers a course in an increasingly politicized environment. Balancing political loyalty with professional drive for results and well developed societal antenna.

Cross-national learning

Learn first-hand about the challenges and approaches from across Europe and
the USA: broadening your geographical and substantive scope adds another layer
to understanding your own context.

 Co-creating the learning experience

You, as a seasoned expert, will not just consume the programme, you
co-shape the programme by bringing in your experience and insights.

Coaching fromA-listers

You will work with an A-list coach from the CPM network, who aides you inreflecting,
applied learning and growing in your leadership role.






Voor Senior Public Controllers:

• met ruime ervaring in control of audit;
• die hun leidinggevende positie verder willen verdiepen;
• die toe zijn aan de volgende stap in hun loopbaan naar algemeen management;
• die openstaan voor nieuwe concepten en inzichten;
• die vanuit een internationale visie willen leren denken over management en beleid;
• die een carrière ambiëren in het buitenland.

Vragen? Neem contact op met de programmaleider.

You can contact Nikol Hopman MSc for more information, program manager.

E: n.hopman@fgga.leidenuniv.nl

T: 06 2168 9263

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