About us

We offer innovative, interactive programmes that build upon the knowledge and experiences course participants bring with them. Our strength is to design an optimal learning experience for professionals.We strongly believe in the importance of lifelong learning as a pre-condition for excellence and growth. In the programmes, practice is linked to academic insights by introducing cases, simulations and practical assignments. The tailor-made training courses are based on the specific background of the

participants, as well as their learning objectives and the envisaged results of a course. The interactive set-up of the courses enable participants to bring in themes from their working practice. Our programmes combine academic excellence of Leiden University’s based scholars with the rich experience of senior practitioners, such as: politicians, journalists and executives in the (semi-)public sector. The CPL programme managers are experts in designing, developing

innovative programmes. In close cooperation with academic staff and in partnership with government and public sector organizations we shape the content of the courses. We focus on: Public Governance, Leadership, Public Affairs, International Relations & Diplomacy and European Cooperation. In cooperation with the Centre for Innovation, we offer new themes such as: Big Data for Policy Makers and Agile for Excellence.

Our approach

Bridging theory and practice, we create a stimulating learning environment and our case-based approach guarantees an active learning process. Experienced academics and guest lecturers bring the latest scientific insights and emerging challenges from practice together. Participants are working on real-life cases and

experiment with new ways of thinking and acting in simulations and games. This way, participants will be challenged on the frontiers of their capabilities, enriching their own experience and increasing their knowledge. The participants have also access to an advanced online learning environment.